We ran hard all weekend long to get to the final round. We got our @MQL_Racing @FordPerformance Mustang back on track. Big move in the points for our team. West coat here we come. https://t.co/oPA2qLwMeW Tasca3 photo
Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there! I know I’m blessed with one of the best dad’s you could ever ask for! Love ya dad. https://t.co/R6B0CVKrqZ Tasca3 photo
Connie Kalitta giving me some advice… doesn’t get any better than that! What an incredible person. https://t.co/SH8c6pXYN3 Tasca3 photo
Tune in it’s going to be a wild weekend at the @NHRA @nedrags https://t.co/RQHG26QAwg Tasca3 photo
lol 60 feet looks a lot further away standing on the mound vs sitting in my car. Great time with the @RedSox tonight. Next up @nedrags @NHRA @PPGRefinish_NA nationals… can’t wait!! https://t.co/ITo5fqvPk9